Mauricio Rosales’ experiences about Saunatar-infrared sauna

Mauricio Rosales

I am Mauricio Rosales, a professional of the International Relations and Communications from Honduras. My family consists of my lovely wife and our 1.5-year-old daughter. Family, health, nature, love, and spiritual growth are things that I value in my life. With my free time, I like to travel, cook, watch movies, play music, and play sports. Especially baseball, basketball and tennis are sports I enjoy the most.

I also go to the gym regularly, at Go Go City, where I also used the Saunatar-infrared sauna for the first time. Before that I have had only sporadic experiences of infrared saunas in hotels, spas, and other gyms.

Saunatar-infrared saunas have some different features compared to other infrared saunas I have used. With Saunatar sauna, I can control the temperature and the whole atmosphere inside the sauna. I also start to sweat faster, evenly and constantly. I think I have never sweat as much as in the Saunatar-infrared sauna!

The typical time I spend in the infrared sauna is from 30 to 45 minutes. I like to take a warm shower before going to sauna, two cold showers in between, and one warmer shower after my sauna session. I drink plenty of cold water, and usually listen to the news, classical music or I check my emails. Afterwards I feel energized, refreshed and clean. My body feels toned and supple, and my mind relaxed.

I would warmly recommend a Saunatar-infrared sauna. It's easy to install and use, it's comfortable, the control panel is inside, and the sauna heats up really fast. Using the Saunatar-infrared sauna is like entering into a health capsule and knowing you're going to come out healhier.

My tips for using Saunatar-infrared sauna:

  • Use it as much as possible.
  • Keep it dry and clean.
  • Listen to your body when adjusting the heat and time to the sauna.