Erkki Nurminen - Experiences of Saunatar infrared sauna

Erkki Nurminen

Our infrared sauna has been in active use for almost three and a half years and we have been really happy with it. If this were in addition to the former sauna, the use of the teasing sauna would have been very rare. The health effects of infrared and red light are, of course, entirely up to faith, because there is no point of comparison. However, we have been unusually healthy all along. Nor can its fat-burning effect be proven. My wife’s weight has dropped over ten pounds, but my own weight has risen a few pounds. Admittedly, we have also had a home gym in heavy use.

The sauna has worked flawlessly and still has a completely new and true quality feel. Above all, we appreciate its lightness, cleanliness, small size and its elegance.

As you can see from the picture, it has been slightly tuned. In addition to the inside of the finish grinding and the surface treatment of non-treated translucent gray color, the bath below 2x4 "beams with five adjustment feet, bench and floor in question reinforce the levels and I believe that the radiation becomes more comfortable level. Moreover, when the below extra towels, remains bath true clutter. ceiling will also an air heating blower air duct (behind its closable door) and a suction exhaust air duct connected to the exhaust air blower.In addition, the top side walls have five-pronged “oscar's branches” where it is very convenient to dry towels after sauna and even small laundry that can’t be put in the dryer.

The curved top and bottom edges of the sauna are five-inch-wide, bent roster strips that give a finished look and integrate the sauna to fit the environment.