Jere Lehtinen - Experiences about Saunatar infrared sauna

Jere Lehtinen

I'm Jere Lehtinen, General Manager for the national men's Ice Hockey team Finland. Me and my family lived in Dallas for 19 years, and for 14 years I played actively in the NHL. I was part of the Finnish Ice Hockey team in five Olympics and four World Championships. I have also been a player observer once in the Olympics and four times in World Championships. In the summer of 2014 our family moved back to Finland, and at the same time I started my current job as the General Manager of the Finnish Ice Hockey team.

After years living in Dallas, it is nice to be back in Finland, however there are some things to get used to. Our twin daughters and sons were born in the States; of course we have spent most of our summers in Finland. Moving back to Finland has given us the opportunity to spend more time with our relatives, family, and friends. I would say that now the most important thing in my life is my family and my home. This is a fresh start, and truly valuable time for us.

My wife Jaana and I had heard about the different benefits of using infrared saunas, and about the good effects it has compared to traditional saunas. The Saunatar Elite -model really caught our eye do to its versatility, and the fact that it has both the infrared sauna, and also a steam sauna. We came across with this product online, in exhibitions, and in some magazines. We were planning to get an infrared sauna already in the States, but we managed to do so after moving back to Finland and into our new home. Especially my wife has been very active in this process. We decided to take the Saunatar-infrared sauna because the product was perfect for our needs. The glassed walk-in-shower has both steam and infrared sauna. I don't think we even considered any other options, because Saunatar had very clear information about the product, their customer service was excellent, and they answered our questions really quickly.

Jere Lehtinen

We have been really satisfied to our purchase. You can really relax in the infrared sauna, and you can be there for a longer period of time than in a regular sauna. It feels like the relaxing and renewing impact comes from deep within. When I'm home, I like to go to sauna almost every day. Usually I spend around 20 minutes per time in the steam side of the sauna. Also the possibility for music is a great addition, which is in popular use among the women in our family. There are no downsides in this sauna, the warmth is nice and steady all the time, and the model fits our bathroom perfectly. Besides the infrared sauna, there is also a steam sauna and a shower. This means that we wouldn’t even need to have an extra shower – although we have one.