Anne Kukkohovi – experiences of Saunatar-infraredsauna

Anne Kukkohovi

I'm Anne Kukkohovi, a beauty professional. I have been in this industry for nearly 25 years in various roles. A few years ago I started to rethink my life, my values, and my future as an entrepreneur. This led me to launch my own beauty care product line called Supermood, which actually sums up all the things I'm fond of. I was amazed about the fact that globally there wasn't a beauty brand which would see people as a whole – in a playful, but at the same time efficient and credible way. Supermood reflects my personal values, love, kindness, honesty, transparency and being authentic. I am involved in all of the products by designing them and choosing the ingredients.

I have always been a ”sauna-girl”. In my previous apartment I had a lovely traditional wood heating sauna near the ocean, which I'm propably never going to forget. My previous experiences of infrared sauna have been at the gym. But honestly speaking, going to sauna is an extremely important way for me to relax, and this is why I usually want to go to sauna by myself. I have read about the benefits of using infrared sauna, and as you might interpret from my new career path, it is a great way to take care of your health, well-being and beauty. There wasn't a sauna in our new city apartment so I decided to buy a small infrared sauna to have a peaceful place to meditate while taking care of my body. Saunatar website presents good and simple ways to enjoy sauna, and for me the small 90 x 90 cm size was important. Saunatar also has a great and active customer service and live chat for help. Buying and installing the sauna was effortless, which is why I chose to buy my infrared sauna from Saunatar.

I have been more than happy for my purchase! I'm calling the sauna my meditation booth, because of its small size and the great balance it gives to my social and active work. I could go on and on about the health benefits, but the clearest thing for me has been its deepcleansing effects for my body. My skin is in a beautiful shape and using the infrared sauna restores me physically and mentally. Also my hair has been growing really fast. I've had this particular sauna soon for two years, and I could say that I almost get withdrawal symptoms if I can't go to sauna for stress relief nowadays.

I often use the infrared sauna to relax and calm down after a busy day. I use the sauna 4-5 times a week, and a typical time for me is 45 minutes at a time. The sauna also works as a recovery after work-out, and it is safe to stretch out in the warmth. Sometimes I like to read or listen to music, but usually I just enjoy the feeling of sweating and re-charging in the infrared heat. There have been no downsides after two years of using this sauna. Or if I have to think of something, it would be the tough discussion with my husband about the location of the sauna. Now we have the sauna in our utility room, where it is safely hidden. There are so many great things and benefits about the infrared sauna that I would recommend to read about them from the Saunatar website, and definitely to try it out yourself! :)